Latex – know the truth

I understand how confusing buying a mattress can be.  There are times when I want to pull out what little I have left of my hair at the outrageous claims made by suppliers and retailers of “natural” mattresses. Some may be in ignorance, but most are the result of unscrupulous and deceptive information fed to an unassuming public.

The Truth

To make 100% pure latex is near impossible, but to make 98% pure latex is possible – this is what we use in our Naturelle products. I recently sold a few Naturelle beds to a client who was trying to decide between us and another company – I will call them XYZ.  The differences which I outlined to the client between Naturelle latex and that of XYZ are as follows:

On XYZ’s website they use the term “natural”. This is then applied by assuming that if a product is 20% natural it is accepted to be 100% natural. I believe this to be ethically wrong. However, I cannot see any declaration of what they are actually offering the consumer at XYZ.

I have met with a representative of Latexco, a Belgian company who manufacture synthesized latex, and who I believe supply XYZ and others. He told me that Latexco do not ship any pure latex to South Africa. He came across to me as a completely truthful and a no-nonsense individual. In fact he told me that the highest percentage of pure latex in Latexco products coming to South Africa was 20%.

But the truth is not that hard to establish – email Latexco and ask them to make a ‘declaration that they supply 100% pure unsynthesized latex cores for their mattresses.’ Latexco are a very large international organisation and will not allow themselves to be caught up in a lie by backing a false marketing campaign.  Alternatively ask XYZ for this absolute guarantee of pure latex and confirm it with Latexco then – I am sure they will not hesitate to provide you with an answer – unlike in this country EU regulators are very hard on corporations who lie to the public.”

No doubt you can sense my frustration. XYZ and others continue to sell their products as “100% Latex”.

Finally, to make pure unadulterated latex, a process called the Dunlop method is used – it’s the original method. A new method called the Talalay method is also used – this “latex” contains a maximum of up to 30% (often less) pure latex – it is mostly synthetic. Naturelle only use latex produced by the Dunlop method – it’s pure, which is why it is expensive and that is why we claim Naturelle to be the world’s purest mattress.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

Andrew Visser


Naturelle – the world’s purest mattress.