Baby Cot Mattress

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Naturelle offer two wonderful options for your precious baby. A pure wool and pocket spring mattress or a pure wool and organic latex mattress. Both options are chemical free and the unique properties of wool make it the most breathable and healthy surface your little one could sleep on.

Optimise your baby’s health and growth with one of these custom-made cot mattresses.

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All Naturelle mattresses are covered with the same entirely natural fabric composed of cotton, bamboo, viscose and eucalyptus fibres manufactured specifically for Naturelle. Let your baby succumb to nature’s most wonderful gift when you put them to rest on this unique fabric into which we quilt layers of Merino and British Shetland sheep’s wool. The moisture wicking properties of wool regulate temperature to give your baby a perfectly dry and comfortable rest.

All wool in Naturelle products carries a lifetime guarantee. The benefits of sleeping with pure wool are immeasurable.