The most wonderful mattress in the whole wide world.

100% Certified Organic Natural Latex Mattresses

Naturelle beds offer you ultimate comfort on the world’s purest mattress because we make them with our unique combination of organic latex and wool.

Why latex and wool?

Our latex is certified 100% pure with no harmful toxins or off-gassing.

Wool provides a better sleep experience.

Wool and latex are both natural, non-toxic, extremely resilient and highly durable which makes them the best long-term investment in a mattress your money can buy. Wool is a miracle fibre and the highest quality sleeping material available for your comfort and health. International scientific studies have been done to prove that wool can improve your quality of sleep by 25%, leaving you feeling fully rested and revitalised each morning. It’s worth the investment. Learn more...

Naturelle beds are made to last more than 30 years.

Sustainable, Healthy, Comfortable

We love the combination of organic latex with wool because it is genuinely sustainable, does no harm to the planet,  plants, animals, or you. The message of Naturelle is that before now, you had no choice, today you are informed and the choice is obvious. Don’t buy one of our beds to save the planet, that’s your moral choice, we ask you to consider Naturelle for your own benefit and that of your children and theirs.

Just a little about us

Crafting mattresses since 1992.

As a family owned business since 1992, our extensive guarantees reflect the confidence we have in our beds. We offer you a far superior product to any other bed on the market in South Africa because your peace of mind, comfort and satisfaction is our first priority.

Read about our triple assurance guarantee here.

Don’t spend your hard earned money on something that won’t last. Invest wisely and enjoy the most healthy sleep in the world!

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Documents & Accreditations

100% Certified Organic Natural Latex
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100% Certified Natural Wool
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100% Certified Natural Fabric
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Global Organic Latex Standard

Five Stars. Bought a latex and wool mattress topper to rescue a bed bought from another mainline mattress store (which certainly didn’t live up to it’s supposed specifications). I received expert, prompt advise and service from Andrew and received my topper 3 days after I ordered it – it had to be couriered to Johannesburg. Thank you so much Andrew. I rate you and Naturelle Beds 10 our of 10!!

My muscles relax, the good feeling when waking in the morning. Its not my opinion, its just a fact – these wool beds are healing, restorative and the best investment in my health I have made in a while. The Naturelle team were sharp, responsive, switched on, and I got my wool bed mattress delivered within a few days. I cannot recommend them highly enough.” Vincent

Outstanding service & products! I am very impressed with the mattress! Thank you very much, I am now able to sleep throughout the night.