Triple Assurance Guarantee

Natural Fibres are Better

Thank you for purchasing a Naturelle Natural Fibre product. The world over today, more people than ever acknowledge the superior benefits of natural fibres over synthetic. In sleep related products, natural fibres last longer, breathe better and are safer than synthetic alternatives. They are not commonly produced as they are difficult to make and expensive to buy. Naturelle products are sold throughout the world as superior quality sleep surfaces. We would also like you to keep the following in mind:

Lifetime Guarantee

As all Naturelle products contain natural fibres, there will be a natural process of the settling of these fibres over time. With some products this can be quite alarming, but we want to assure you that this is completely normal and should be expected. Wool fibres will compact (press together) but not denature (break up, crumble, etc.) as in the case of molecular, chemically produced synthetics. That is why we give a lifetime guarantee on all wool in Naturelle products. Your Naturelle bed will, after an initial period of settling, provide you with many years of sleep comfort and proper spinal support.

To demonstrate the high quality of craftsmanship, Naturelle hereby grant a Guarantee of Quality valid from purchase to Lifetime Ownership within the Guarantee period.

Should any imperfection, which is due to faulty materials or workmanship become apparent in your Naturelle mattress or bed set within the guarantee period from the date of purchase, the company will make this good without charge. In addition Naturelle offer a 25 year Warranty as described below.

  1. As the purchaser of a Naturelle Mattress or divan set, you are covered by three assurances. They are:
    • All bed sets purchased as a unit carry a 5 year Guarantee.
    • All bed sets purchased as a unit carry a 25 year Warranty.
    • All wool in Naturelle beds is guaranteed for the lifetime of the original purchaser, subject to the conditions underlined below.
  2. Any claim should be made by the original purchaser in writing to the factory together with this guarantee within one month of the imperfection becoming apparent.
  3. Naturelle reserves the right to substitute alternative fabrics if the original is no longer available and cannot undertake to match other items not under complaint with any substitute cloth used.
  4. Naturelle guarantees and warranties are not transferable.
  5. This guarantee is not extended to goods which have been damaged through unreasonable or improper use; in soiled or unsanitary condition. Where mattresses are used on bases other than those supplied by Naturelle, they must be of an approved quality and construction compatible with Naturelle standards. In the case of slatted bases, the distance between the slats must not exceed 60mm, and a mattress pad placed between the mattress and the slats is strongly recommended. Failure to comply with these requirements will render all guarantees and warranties invalid.
  6. This guarantee does not cover cartage.

These guarantees are in addition to your normal statutory rights.

Questions and Guarantee Enquiries

We invite you to raise any concerns with us direct. We may be contacted in the following ways:

Care line: +27 21 845 4088 (tel)
Fax: +27 21 845 4089

Address: Naturelle, 245 Broadlands Road, Strand 7140 South Africa

Looking for a natural bed with no petrochemicals? Our beds are made from 100% certified organic latex and pure Merino lamb’s wool.

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