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Why Natural Beds?

I am often asked why I began to make natural beds when the world of mattress technology relentlessly steams down the road of faster production, more synthetic, more automated and the smarter use of petrochemicals and fossil fuels.

I suppose my upbringing in South Africa was a most powerful influencer. Hiking, camping, fishing and learning about nature in the veld and the sea created in me a silent and indelible respect for creation in all of its splendour. The unrelenting purge of carbon fuels to enrich mega corporations around the globe was a strong driving force behind the desire to create an alternative to the norm. The increasing research being done on the off gassing of polyurethanes used in modern beds brought me to a pivotal moment in 1994. Could it be done?

Would it be possible to marry old world quality with new world technology to produce a bed without toxins that would not cost more than an alternative synthetic mattress?  And so began a hard but satisfying journey which continues to drive us today.

Blessed with being born and raised in South Africa, I started by considering which resources this country possesses in abundance…..Wool!

Learning about the fabulous and numerous properties of wool fascinated me. I love the stuff, its strength, beauty, flame retardant properties, longevity and hypoallergenic qualities. What a way to support our vital, local sheep farmers with their flocks of carefully tended sheep and lambs.

Combining the special properties of wool with organic latex was a natural progression for Naturelle. Natural organic latex made in the age old traditional Dunlop method is in itself a uniquely wonderful material and with wool it is a sublime combination. And so, Naturelle Beds was born.

As a family business, we love this combination which is genuinely sustainable, does no harm to the planet, the plants or animals. Large and familiar brands promise you that sleeping on polyurethane is perfectly safe, right? Well that is what Dupont told the world about Teflon for 60 years and now we know that far from safe, it’s perfectly poisonous.

Naturelle beds are made from 100% certified organic latex and pure Merino sheep’s wool. NO petro-chemicals.

We make our beds to last for 30 years or more and our wool is guaranteed for the lifetime of the purchaser.

Our fabric is 100% natural and certified... a combination of bamboo, viscose and cotton with eucalyptus fibres.

In Naturelle mattresses we use a combination of British Shetland and Merino sheep’s wool. In our duvets only Fine Merino lamb’s wool made in the Shropshire tradition, which means our duvets are machine washable. It is very expensive to produce but we will not compromise on our standard of ‘no artificial anything’.

Our latex carries the most prestigious certification on the planet – the GOLS standard (Global Organic Latex Standard)

We manufacture and retail so that we can have a direct relationship with you, our customer to ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

Looking for a natural bed with no petrochemicals? Our beds are made from 100% certified organic latex and pure Merino sheep’s wool.

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