What people say about Naturelle

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Quality and excellent service beyond measure. Honest and Ethical.Being a parent one wishes to offer your children something better and when it comes to a good night's sleep, I certainly wanted to choose a mattress that is long lasting and a safer and healthier option.I recently bought a 10mm pure latex mattress for our little girl from a reputable company. It was pure Dunlop latex; however it stated that the material used is organic cotton. Upon arrival our little girl was ecstatic about her new bed. I however couldn't help but smell that the quilting had a very strong smell (reminded me of paint thinners or a very strong glue smell). Unfortunately there was nothing organic or cotton in the mattress quilting and it was covered with material containing polyester and hollow fibre.I think what bugs me most about it is that they claim to use organic cotton. One cannot explicitly advertise this if that is not what is being used. Needless to say I arranged to have it returned.In the meantime her beautiful summer tog natural wool duvet inner and latex pillow from Naturelle beds arrived as well as her bed linen.I contacted Andrew from Naturelle beds to enquire whether they have a similar option of a 10mm thickness latex mattress for children and enquired about their latex and quilting. They quilt layers of Merino and British Shetland sheep’s wool into their fabric and the material certainly has a more natural look and feel that screams quality and attention to finer detail. I received my mattress within a day of ordering and it definitely didn't smell like glue or paint thinners. Each mattress comes with a guarantee and a sample of the latex and material used. I also ordered a bed base from them - a very solid pine base.My little girl can now sleep snug in her own bed and I can sleep comfortably knowing that her bed and bedding is as pure and natural as I could get and free from exposure to high levels of VOC's being emitted.Definitely an invaluable investment.
Adele Crous
Truly the best mattress we’ve had by far! I have been mulling over how to best express our views on the Naturelle Ovation we bought in March 2020…. But simple does it - you will NOT find a better latex mattress on the market than the Naturelle. After two years it is still as firm as the day we bought it. I would highly recommend this for someone suffering from back pain, as it gives just the right amount of support. Also, as far as I know, the only natural latex mattress available in SA as opposed to PU. After trying various latex options from competing brands and subsequent disappointment, I am truly grateful that we have now found our go-to mattress. Definitely worth investing in good rest!!
Thildée de Jager
Thank you Andrew and team for an outstanding product, and excellent, friendly service. From my first phone call to enquire about the product, to the delivery yesterday, and then finally experiencing the luxury and comfort of the latex and wool bed-topper last night, it has all been a very positive experience. I highly recommend this product.
Stacey Piek
We purchased a King sized Applause mattress a few months ago. It is officially the most comfortable mattress my husband and I have ever slept on. He has had far less sinus since we started sleeping on it. Both of us have less body aches/muscle tension...the body support of this mattress is incredible. We are thrilled with it!
Camilla Barrett
The most amazing bed, so much so that I have just emergency ordered it for our holiday spot as I can bear to be without one for the holidays. My husband and I also love their duvet and pillow range. Sleep is now a new and wonderful experience!
I contacted Andrew to discuss Latex toppers and he was extremely helpful answering all my questions. Andrew managed to arrange one for us within a week. It would have been sooner but Loadshedding caused a slight delay. I received the topper this afternoon as promised. The delivery Gentleman were very polite and extremely helpful. The topper was nicely wrapped in protective plastic and they assisted me to put topper on my bed. Tonight will be our first sleep on the Latex topper. So far we recommend the service 11 out of 10. 😊 Thank you Andrew and your TEAM.
Alma de Beer
This is the best mattress I ever bought. FANTASIC QUALITY. It is supporting your BACK through the night. I had hip pain with my previous mattress and my hip problem is over since I bought this mattress. This mattress can prevent pressure ulcers which is a big advantage. Also fantastic staff and very helpful with the best service I ever experienced.
Emil Venter