Naturelle pure wool

10 Reasons to love wool

  1. Superior Breathability.
    Skin needs to breathe and because wool breathes, it prevents the growth of bacteria. Our skin breathes best when sleeping on and under wool
  2. Perfect Climate Control.
    Wool is a natural insulator, keeping our bodies at a perfect, constant body temperature of 37C. Wool’s unique wicking properties moves moisture away from the skin, allowing you to stay cooler and drier throughout the night, whatever the season.
  3. Comfort, Healing and Well-being.
    Wool is a nurturing fibre that provides a soft cushioning layer for ultimate comfort. Wool sustains, heals and provides a sense of well-being. For thousands of years, wool has been the natural way to enjoy a comfortable and tranquil night’s rest.
  4. Wool is Strong!
    Soft and luxurious to touch, wool fibre is unsurpassed in flexibility and strength. It’s coiled, spring-like, tubular structure allows it to bend without breaking. Unlike synthetics which degrade, wool will compact but not denature. It is nature’s strongest fibre.
  5. Wool is SAFE.
    Wool has natural safety properties due to its unique structure of amino acids which make it flame retardant. There are no toxins in wool and, its waxy outer layer resists dirt and stains.
  6. A Natural Repellent.
    Wool is a natural repellent of dust mites, making it hypo-allergenic and friendly to asthma sufferers.
  7. Wool is Affordable.
    All of wool’s special properties are available in Naturelle’s wide range of beautiful, exclusive, yet highly affordable sleep products.
  8. Longevity.
    Unlike synthetic fibres which break down quickly, wool will keep on giving and giving for decades. Cared for, it will outlast you.
  9. Geo-ethical.
    Wool comes from grass. It is sustainable, renewable and will bio-degrade at the end of its useful life.
  10. Wool is Beautiful!
    Isn’t nature marvellous, wonderful, terrific to provide us with all of these benefits in one tiny wool fibre?!