Naturelle Organic Latex

What is PURE NATURAL Latex?

Did you know that most latex today is largely synthetic or blended? Many big brand companies are masters at slick marketing but beware there is a lot of deception in the latex mattress industry. These companies can call it organic or natural latex even if there is as little as 10% natural latex in the mattress, whilst the rest is blended or synthetic. In fact, all Talalay latex produced in the world is a blend. This makes Talalay latex cheaper to manufacture and more consistent in density; HOWEVER, it is not as durable or long-lasting as pure natural latex produced using the Dunlop method.

Watch out for the word ‘poly’! ‘Poly-latex’ contains no latex – only petrochemicals, in other words, off-gassing fossil fuels. Anything with the word ‘synthesised’ implies man-made and is a technical term for petro-chemical infused latex. Talalay latex is not pure and natural – it is synthesised and has chemicals added in the processing. It is your right to demand certifications as evidence of the truthfulness of claims to organic, pure and natural. There is only one true certification available in the world for pure organic latex, and that is the GOLS – Global Organic Latex Standard. Be wary of any other certifications.

How is Pure Natural Latex Produced?

There are basically two ways to produce latex. The Dunlop method and the Talalay method. How do you know what to choose?

Dunlop latex is made from pure latex sap, which is tapped from beneath the bark of the rubber tree. This sap is collected and whipped into a froth before being baked by steam into sheets for use. Dunlop latex is denser on the lower side, due to a natural settling of rubber sediments thereby enabling you to alter and define the firmness by just turning it over. Natural Dunlop latex foam has been made the same way since the 1920s and, whilst the manufacturing and processing techniques have advanced, Dunlop remains the densest natural latex available.

Dunlop Latex may have a less refined feel and it’s heavier and denser than Talalay Latex. However, the softer and bouncier texture of Talalay Latex, achieved by adding synthetic chemicals, can make it less durable and long-lasting than Dunlop Latex. Talalay is more technologically advanced and more expensive to produce with more steps to assist the manufacturer in producing a more consistent foam. It is a blend of natural latex and synthetics using a petrochemical called STYRENE-BUTADIENE to offset the cost of manufacturing.

Why Choose Pure Natural Latex?


It is pure and natural, and the benefits to you are extraordinary…

Dunlop latex is naturally elastic making it ultra-comfortable and supportive as it contours to your body. It’s extremely resilient and highly durable, which makes it the best long-term investment in a mattress your money can buy. Dunlop is porous and therefore breathable, preventing your body from overheating as you sleep. It allows for good pressure distribution and is instantly responsive to your movements. These features are known to be effective in pain relief and reducing muscle stiffness.

NATURELLE mattresses go the extra mile for you and offer a unique combination of pure wool to encase the latex. Why is this necessary? The wool is a natural flame retardant which is a requirement in most beds. Pure natural latex is not flame retardant, and therefore most manufactures will add these chemicals to their latex or other foam. All other foam mattresses are synthesised or offer a blend of natural and off-gassing toxic chemical compounds. The consequence is poor circulation, restlessness at night, overheating and a feeling of being stuck in damp sand. These foams soften and collapse with use and will not last.

You may ask… Can I sleep on a latex mattress if I’m allergic to latex?

Latex allergies are usually due to the chemicals added in the processing of the rubber sap. Dunlop latex does not have any of these chemicals, nor does it have an odour that most Talalay products have.

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