6 Benefits of Wool Duvets

What are the benefits of wool duvets? What makes pure wool different from other bedding materials like cotton, feathers, down, hollow fibre and microfibre?

There are hundreds of reasons why wool is a firm favourite… and we could talk about them for hours (if you would like more information, call 0860 333 200)… but to address these questions, we will discuss the most common reasons why wool duvets are not only adored, but also beneficial to you:

The answer is simple: wool is different because it can assist with practically every aspect of sleep.

Let Us Explain the Benefits of Wool Duvets and How Wool Assists With Sleep:

Empty bed with a crumpled-up wool duvet.

1. Wool Duvets Assist With Temperature Regulation:

Wool is one of the few materials that can help you regulate your body temperature. In fact, wool has the natural ability to wick sweat away from a person that gets too hot at night. As a result, the sleeping environment is less humid and more comfortable. Similarly, wool functions as an insulator, which helps to keep a cold person warm while sleeping.

2. Wool Duvets Are Naturally Dust Mite Repellent and Hypoallergenic:

All Naturelle’s duvets are naturally mold, mildew, and dust mite resistant due to the unique qualities of pure wool. As a result, this lowers your risk of being exposed to irritants that cause allergies, congestion and headaches. This dramatically improves your chances of having a better night’s sleep.

3. Wool is Sustainable:

Did you know that wool is a natural, renewable, and biodegradable textile?

Sheep are part of the natural carbon cycle – they ingest and convert organic carbon stored in plants into wool (International Wool Textile Organisation, 2022).

Wool is highly durable and rapidly renewable. Furthermore, wool has inherent flame-resistant properties. According to The Guardian (2014) “In terms of performance, wool is something of a miracle fabric”.

Lastly, pure wool is completely biodegradable because it is made of keratin (the same protein as human hair). Micro-organisms in soil or water break down keratin; and when these micro-organisms break down, they contribute to a sustainable and continuous biological life cycle.

Sheep Grazing in a pasture

4. Wool Duvets Are Lightweight and Strong:

Our lightweight duvets are great for airflow, with added warmth and softness.

Naturelle’s lightweight duvets are easy to shake out in the morning and quickly recover their fullness. Wool fibres are stronger than any other natural fibre and will not denature with time. Ultimately, these features make our duvets more durable; meaning they last longer.

5. Naturelle’s Duvets Are Machine Washable:

Did you know that many duvets cannot be machine washed and should be dry-cleaned only?

Our wool duvets are convenient to clean because they are machine washable and will not shrink. Our simple guidelines will help you keep your duvet fresh and clean.

Benefits of wool duvets: Naturelle duvets are machine washable.

6. Naturelle Guarantees Your Wool Duvet Will Last:

In fact, all wool in Naturelle products carries a lifetime guarantee.

For your peace of mind, our 100% Certified Natural Wool is endorsed by the following standards:

Naturelle Certification Endorsements

If sleep is a priority to you, look no further than the magical properties of Wool.

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