Futon Beds

A Japanese woman making her futon bed.

Following Japanese tradition, Naturelle’s futon beds consist of our unique combination of Merino and British Shetland sheep’s wool. They are then encased with an entirely natural fabric composed of cotton, bamboo, viscose and eucalyptus fibres – manufactured specifically for Naturelle. From a style perspective, our futons are tufted with felt buttons in the age-old English tradition. Our craftsmanship ensures that your futon can last for up to 30 years.

Futon Origins

In Japan, futons have been used for centuries as a bed that is placed on the ground. While in Western culture, futons are often an alternative name used to describe a pull-out sleeper couch.

Types of Futon Beds

  • Polyester futons containing chemical fibres
  • Cotton Futons
  • Feather Futons
  • Down Futons
  • Wool Futons

Why Choose a Wool Futon?

Futons are available in a variety of material choices. High-quality futons do not contain synthetic materials. We personally love pure wool because it is genuinely sustainable, and does no harm to the planet, plants, animals, or you. Furthermore, wool breaks down and releases valuable nutrients and carbon back into the soil, essentially acting as a fertilizer. 

Our standard is to create wholly natural products of traceable origin which are socially justifiable and ethically legitimate in the bio-chain.

Futons are also easier to clean than a double base set because they are easier to manoeuvre. Furthermore, Naturelle’s futons are antimicrobial (meaning they deter bacteria and mould) because they are made from pure wool. This helps to improve your quality of sleep by reducing your exposure to common allergy triggers. Refer to our post “6 Benefits of Wool Duvets” to find out more about the magical properties of pure wool.

Naturelle’s pure wool tufted futon bed

Can You Sleep on a Futon Every Night?

if you want to sleep on a futon every night, you need to ensure that you invest in one that provides enough cushioning and support. 

Most manufacturers market their futons as a product that serves a dual purpose – acting as both a bed and a couch. However, it is no secret that beds are generally more comfortable than sleeper couches. This is because sleeper couches are made to be folded away and are not as thick as a mattress, therefore they do not provide adequate support for every night sleeping.

Naturelle’s futons are not only stylish but can also be used as a permanent bed. This is because our futons are intended to be used as mattresses. They are a stylish alternative to the traditional double base set and can completely transform the look of any bedroom.

Futon creating the illusion of space in a bedroom.

Are Futons Good for Your Back?

It depends on the quality of the futon that you purchase, as well as its intended purpose. Generally, folding futons sag quite easily and need to be flipped, rotated, and rolled regularly. A sagging futon does not offer proper spinal alignment. 

According to Healthline, (2021) firm futons can support the natural alignment of your back. At Naturelle, all our products are made to enhance your sleep experience, which is why we have designed our futon as an alternative to a traditional mattress, offing you all the necessary support for proper spine alignment.

If you suffer from back issues, we recommend that you consult with your doctor to determine whether a futon is the best option for you.

Woman sleeping on a futon.

Benefits of Owning a Futon Bed

  • Naturelle tufted futon beds are super comfortable, firm and supportive.
  • Futons are child-friendly. Because futons are lower to the floor, they reduce the risk of serious injury for children who might roll off the bed.
  • Our futons are made from 100% pure wool. The moisture-wicking properties of wool help to regulate your temperature while you sleep.
  • Pure wool is great for people who suffer from eczema and other allergies because it is antimicrobial and acts as a repellent to bacteria and dust mites.
  • Futons are sleek and stylish. By being lower to the ground, they can help create the illusion of space.
  • Futons can easily be moved for cleaning purposes.
  • They offer disturbance-free sleep because they don’t have moving parts or springs. This also makes them quieter, especially if you or your partner tend to move around a lot.
Woman easily cleaning under Futon

Our futon beds are extremely popular for the discerning and environmentally aware individual; and when properly maintained will last for over 30 years. 

We also offer a variety of solid wood futon bases to choose from. By investing in a raised wooden frame you not only protect your futon; you also further enhance the air circulation of your sleeping environment. 

A futon in a modern stylish bedroom”>

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our ultra-strong and eco-friendly futons. 

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