Kids Ovation Mattress

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Indulge yourself in Naturelle’s most evocative offering with the sublime Ovation. Rich in texture, luxurious in feel, matchless in comfort, the Ovation mattress comprises only pure wool with natural organic latex. Change your life forever by investing in the purest sleeping surface available on the planet.

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There is no finer feeling than falling asleep on an Ovation mattress with layers of pure wool and 100mm of unadulterated organic 100% pure natural latex (Dunlop method)*. One night on your new Ovation will convince you that you have made the best possible investment your hard-earned money can buy. The Ovation mattress requires turning.

All Naturelle mattresses are covered with the same entirely natural fabric composed of cotton, bamboo, viscose and eucalyptus fibres manufactured specifically for Naturelle. Succumb to nature’s most wonderful gift when you rest on this unique fabric into which we quilt layers of Merino and British Shetland sheep’s wool.

We custom-make to any size or shape and extra length is available at no additional cost – we’d love to talk to you in this regard.

To complete the perfect sleep experience, why not consider sleeping under a Naturelle pure lamb’s wool duvet? Let the most wonderful fibre in the world delight your senses as you gently fall asleep the way nature intended.

Naturelle utilises an entirely water-borne, plant -based adhesive imported from Switzerland.

All wool in Naturelle products carries a lifetime guarantee. The benefits of sleeping on pure wool are immeasurable.